Welcome to Forestal Microlot 108!

Cosmopolis Coffee is excited to release Forestal Microlot 108 as part of our 2023 selection, sustainably grown coffee from Santander, Colombia. Through August 15th, get 10% off by entering the coupon FORESTAL at check out!

Forestal is a sustainable coffee farming project in Santander, Colombia, located a few miles away from the Serranía de los Yariguíes, a nature reserve in the Andean forests. The land has been reforested over several decades to create an ecosystem where a variety of species can thrive, while providing shade and ideal growing conditions for coffee.

Cultivated by families who live on the land and who are the direct economic beneficiaries of the coffee they produce, this Forestal Microlot 108 is harvested and processed to achieve the optimal flavor profile of the coffee. Once the red cherries are picked, they are allowed to ferment for a prolonged period before being mechanically washed. The coffee undergoes a further fermentation of between 12 and 24 hours when the coffee bean develops a reddish hue, and is then slow dried in a silo. The end result is a coffee that at medium roast is medium-bodied with citrus flavor notes and a dark chocolate finish.

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